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Experience the full cave tubing float and the adrenaline rush of a zip line aerial adventure through the tree tops of the tropical rain forest. Its a special and unique tour combination which will get your hearts pumping in a glimpse of an eye and make you relax for hours in the water.

Half day2 and more

Cave of the stone sepulcher is the most popular ceremonial cave in western Belize and is listed #1 by National Geographic in the Top Ten Sacred Caves as well as its magazine in the August 2001 issue...

Full day2 and more

Located about 16 Miles from San Ignacio you find probably the largest collection of Maya pottery in the world. Che Chem ha (Cave of the Poison wood water) is about 800 ft long was used by the Maya for many centuries for food storage and rituals...

2 ½ hours2 and more

Go back in time as you slowly glide aboard a canoe into a large riverine system of the ancient Maya. Flowing from a giant crack in a mountain the cave offers marvelous natural stalagmites, stalactites and impressive crystal formation...

Half day2 and more

On you way to the Underworld, step into a tube and float leisurely into the mysterious world of the Mayas. You will be mesmerized by the natural wonder in and out of four chambers...

Half Day2 and more