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Altun Ha has two main plazas, thirteen structures including the temple of the sun god. An interesting part of this site is the water reservoir called the ‘Rockstone Pond’ to which the name comes from for Altun Ha...

1 hour to 1 hour ½2 and more

Discover the breathtaking panoramic view of the Belizean and Guatemalan landscape. The impressive 130 feet tall temple is known for its ceremonial centre, ball court, residential and recreational area...

2-3 hours2 and more

Cahal Pech is located in San Ignacio town on top of a hill overlooking the twin town. The site consist of 34 structures with several courtyards including temple, pyramids and residential buildings...

1 hour to 1 hour ½2 and more

A spectacular site which means submerged crocodile host a mask decorated site with eight major plazas, its central core, north temples reaching 28m tall and adjacent is am ancient harbor...

Full day2 and more

Located deep in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Caracol is the biggest in size in the Maya world. The drive to Caracol will take you through the scenic Maya Mountain Forest and at its peak time in history was a supreme city...

Full day2 and more

Located 50 miles east of Belize is the remote area of Guatemala, one of the greatest civilization of it time. Tikal is possibly the most magnificent of all Maya archaeological sites...

Full day2 and more

Discover the largest Mayan city inside a dense forest while seeing exotic creatures and having fun at the same time. Top it off with the spectacular sight of the Yaxha sunset to memorize you with an incredible experience...

Full day2 and more